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Awakening SoulFire

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Awaken Your Soul Fire

Tap into the Alchemy of Healing

Do you feel out of balance? Are you experiencing anxiety, sadness or depression? Have you suffered loss? Perhaps you are feeling stuck or stagnant in your personal growth. Maybe you have begun "awakening" but aren't sure how to navigate. Shamanic Energy Medicine, is a formidable tool for healing alchemy and harnessing the power of your inner truth. I know because I have had all of these issues (and more) in my own life, and have experienced the profound and deep effects that energy healing can bring about.

To find out more about what energy medicine is and why it works, have a look Inside Soulfire.

Check out my latest podcast interview with the Positive Head podcast here: https://youtu.be/W-Z8yD-1kkk

SoulFire Video Blog Coming Soon!

Keep an eye out for "SoulFire" -a video blog in which I discuss all sorts of things from energy medicine, the esoteric, metaphysical, historical, spiritual, philosophical, & scientific! We'll do interviews with other healers about their practice, and people in the field of any of the Healing Arts.

In this interview with Positive Head Podcast, I share how my life was radically altered by a near-death experience five years ago, my visit to the "other side,"  and a bit about my healing practices.  

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